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    Golden 1 Center

    Sacramento, CA

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Golden 1 Center encompasses four city blocks in the heart of downtown Sacramento. The new arena is an indoor multi-use facility that accommodates sporting and entertainment events and is the home for the Sacramento Kings. It contains a state of the art practice facility with administrative offices.

The plumbing performed by Pan-Pacific includes storm drains, domestic water, waste and vent, carbon dioxide for concessions, fuel oil, and natural gas.

One highlight of this project is the Hydro Therapy Room for the players. Pan-Pacific installed the circulation pumps and piping to the therapy pools that feature underwater treadmills for the players to rehabilitate injuries and continue training.

The project became the first indoor sports venue to be certified as LEED Platinum, the highest level of recognition for environmentally conscious buildings.

Pan-Pacific performed Fuel Oil work on the project installing two separate fuel systems for the arena and the sports center. System #1 included an above ground belly tank system with remote fill and internal monitoring capabilities. System #2 included an above ground storage system maintenance tank both with remote fill and internal monitoring capabilities plus an additional storage tank.