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    Stanford Hospital

    Palo Alto, CA

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Work is underway to build a massive new hospital adjacent to the existing hospital at Stanford Medical Center. The New Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto is approximately 880,000 square feet and will be completed in 2017. When complete, the hospital will have 600 beds, 368 private rooms, 28 operating rooms, a Technology Floor with 28 interventional platforms combining surgical, interventional and advanced imaging services, a 40,000 sf imaging center and a 37,000 sf Emergency Department. Additional features include an iMRI room, image-guided procedure rooms, PACU, Prep/recovery rooms and two intensive care units with a surgical focus, a 16,400 SF kitchen, a 9,700 SF retail cafeteria seating 270 and a 5,000 SF restaurant style dining for 100 people. Pan-Pacific is proud to be part of the Design-Assist team for this project which will seek a LEED Silver Certification.