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    Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

    Los Angeles, CA

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Kaiser Permanente LAMC included the demolition of existing parking structure and the construction of a new medical office building including a new central plant. The new construction replaced Kaiser Permanente Sunset’s 50-year-old predecessor with a state-of-the-art hospital which includes 456 patient rooms, 11 labor and delivery suites, 6 cardiac surgery suites and many other upgrades patient care amenities.

After completion and certification of the original Replacement Hospital, Kaiser Permanente immediately began a remodeling project to upgrade the new hospital to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients. Pan-Pacific Mechanical was retained to modify and reconfigure the newly installed systems to maintain healthcare best-practices. Through our substantial healthcare experience on many projects throughout California we were able to provide the innovations that help Kaiser Permanente maintain the high level of service it is known for. We managed 1,000 Pan-Pacific RFIs along with over 4,000 job-wide RFIs and nearly 250 OSHPD change orders without a slowdown.

Pan-Pacific performed Fuel Oil work on the project installing an underground fuel tank. The fuel scope included monitoring, installation of multiple transition sumps, heavy controls, a Master Control Panel and fuel filters for the tank.

Working within an open and operating medical center required us to meet many additional demands such as off-hour connections into existing services while maintaining the semblance of uninterrupted services and keeping patient care in mind at all times.