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    Kaiser South Bay

    Harbor City, CA


The 25,000 gallon fuel oil tank supplies two day tanks to support the two generators for the new Kaiser South Bay Hospital. Kaiser South Bay was designed by our in-house fuel oil specialist. As one of the first contractors on site and with strong communication with the Owner, we understood that we were designing early and would therefore have to be flexible in our design to accommodate upcoming changes. In fact, our installation area changed several times during the project. But through our adaptability we were ready for Owner-initiated changes and were able to make the necessary changes quickly with minimal cost and schedule impacts. Along with these design changes, the installation area was incredibly tight requiring innovative design to maximize the usable space to create an effective fuel oil system. While safety is always foremost in our thoughts, never is it more so when we are working on an operating and occupied hospital and CUP. Patient and employee safety required us to carefully preplan our excavation for the large tank being laid among existing underground utilities. Our extensive experience working on active campuses makes us an ideal choice for sensitive projects. We engineered the shoring for the excavation during the installation of the tank and without incident or delay, got the fuel oil system on line.