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    Disney’s Grizzly Peak Recreational area and Grizzly River Run

    Anaheim, CA

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Grizzly Peak, a man-made mountain resembling a Grizzly Bear, is the centerpiece of Disney’s California Adventure. Grizzly Peak also houses Grizzly River Run, a large rapids ride through a mining camp at the mountain.

The raft trip around Grizzly Peak is a unique flume-style ride. Unlike traditional tandem seating log rides, these circular rafts spin unpredictability and add to the surprise of who will get wet next.  On Grizzly Peak, getting wet is part of the fun!

Working in the middle of a construction zone has its challenges, but working in the middle of a construction zone at a Disney park has unique challenges. High security, strict coordination of deliveries, stacking of trades, parking issues . . . .  Nothing, of course, that Pan-Pacific can’t handle. We are proud to have been a part of this exciting new structure and thrill ride during the initial construction of this premiere Southern California Theme Park.