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    Edward R. Roybal Learning Center (LAUSD HS #11)

    Los Angeles, CA

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Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, formerly known as Belmont Learning Center, Los Angeles High School #11, or the City West project, is a secondary school and park located in Los Angeles, CA.

Opened in September of 2008, Roybal can accommodate approximately 2,500 students, alleviating impacted enrollment at Belmont High. The school has two independent pilot schools – the Civitas School of Leadership and the School for Visual Arts and Humanities – as well as four small learning communities.

This community-enhancing learning facility started and terminated prematurely.  This required the Owner to rebid and re-examine the scope of work. Through our work on both phases, Pan-Pacific was able to minimize costs while upgrading previously installed piping to accommodate code changes which occurred during the extensive delay.