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    1600 North Vine Luxury Apartments

    Hollywood, CA

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The Hollywood and Vine project encompasses multiple tenant housing including the W Hotel and Residences and the 1600 North Vine Luxury Apartments.  Pan-Pacific was involved in all the phases of this multiple-contract, multiple-owner project.  The 1600 North Vine Luxury Apartments, owned by Legacy Partners, includes three 14-story towers and an 8-story tower which share a common court yard, retail area and common underground parking.

This Design-Build project had to account for multiple towers of differing heights which requires multiple pressure zones and difficult balancing of systems.  This project was also challenging based on the small area with multiple projects running at the same time.  We had over 100 men on the projects during our peak and this added to the congestion of the overall site.  However, we met the goals of this fast-paced, demanding schedule while maintaining our focus on safety.