Take a sneak peek tour inside Maple Street Correctional Center, Redwood City, CA. A few facts:

  • The jail is a three-story facility with the capacity for 744 beds — 256 on the men’s floor, 232 on the women’s floor — while the lower floor won’t be built out initially, leaving the jail at an initial total of 512 beds.
  • Although planned as a replacement to the current Women’s Correctional Center, the official name of the project is Maple Street Correctional Center (MSCC), and will house distinct gender facilities.
  • The admin/support section is two stories and approximately 44-ft tall. The jail is three stories and approximately 72-ft tall (each floor includes a main floor and mezzanine.) The two building sections are connected by a secure walkway. The size of the facility is approximately 267K sq. ft.
  • It occupies 4.8 acre parcel of land across from the Redwood City Police Department.